What is your payment policy for booking and save the date?

To save the date, we kindly ask to make a 30% deposit of the total price of the package of your preference or 50% deposit if you book 2 months before the event. The rest to be paid at least 1 day before the event.
All payments via wire transfer.

We also send you a service contract with all details and other important information. Once we receive the deposit and the signed contract we save the date exclusively for your event.

*PayPal is not accepted anymore as a method of payment.

How long does it take to edit a film and receive final result ?

The post production of a video is the most detailed and complex process of our work, due the selection of the best footage, color correction, grading, music selection, and some other important points that I consider to deliver the best product that you could have and that made the particular essence of LunArts.

This means I usually deliver your films about 12 to 16 weeks after the event depending upon the time of year,(april, may and June, and november – december are high season), but also depending the package that you choose.

Is there anyway for us to get that raw/unedited footage as well?

Honestly, I would say the answer is no. Raw footage is just as it sounds, “raw.” It is a meal that has not yet been cooked. It is not sequential, since we have clips from multiple cameras all capturing the same event in different positions, moving around without stop, which means that not all the material is good to watch. Raw footage is not color corrected, as that is a process that occurs in the editing room. And this footage does not contain usable audio. To get the best sounding audio from toasts, speeches, vows, etc. we use professional audio recording devices that are completely separate from the video recording.

Just as a chef would never hand customers a bucket of uncooked ingredients, we prefer not to hand our clients uncooked footage. I consider our recoring and editing process as an art form and we are skilled in determining which footage belongs where and how to tie everything together into a beautiful recap of your wedding day.

Overall, please trust in our skills and experience to handle the footage. It will save you so much time, money and confusions.

Do you use a drone for aerial coverage?

Yes, packages includes aerial footage. Unlike other studies, we do not charge extra to include aerial scenes of the locations and other aspects, we try to include them if the conditions are fulfilled to fly the drone such as the weather conditions, availability to use it, and venue permission (a few resorts don’t allow drones).  That said you might understand there are occasions when we can’t use that camera.

Will we have an input on music selection in the videos?

This is an important topic:
Here in LunArts we take care in to built a very unique video for you.  For that reason normally I always choose the music, specially for the highlights (short film), which is the video that you will share the most and we will use for comercial purposes, for this matter we only use music with licence of use. Infringing this detail could cause problems such as not being able to share or watch your video via  internet on different platforms such as mobile equipment or certain computers , in the worst cases legal problems with the authors or owners of the songs. 
For the long video  it is possible to include the songs of your preference since this file is not normally shared over the internet and as long I can get them.

If we have an idea of how we would like the film laid out will you be able to accommodate our requests?

As with music, we are open to knowing the vision you have of your video before beginning the editing process. But before that I would like to ask you to trust in our way of doing our work, since with our experience and skills we believe that we are capable of building a beautiful piece of memories that you will be very proud to watch and share.

Let us create something epic for you!

Do we need to provide meals for each videographer?

Yes, if the service exceeds  5 hours coverage. We are not able to bring or buy food at the locations. also we need to recharge batteries when we have a pause in our duties or while you and your guests are having dinner. Don’t forget to consult it with your wedding coordinator.

Do we need to provide transportation and lodging?

Only if your wedding is outside of Cancun, Playa del Carmen or Riviera Maya.

A lot of resorts charge an outside vendor fee, are you covering that fee?

I know! vendor fees are the most unfair practices that the most of the resorts do with the couples that already booked and spent a huge amount of money with them planning their wedding day. It would be great if somebody could advise the couples about this before they book.

With this on mind our rates were planned to relieve this detail to our customers: quality, reputation, flexibility and experience are all the variables that make the difference ON THE VALUE of the product that you will receive, for this reason we don’t cover that fee and is not deducted from the amount you pay for our (very fair) rates.

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Personal recommendations that I hope can help you to have a better celebration:

For this section I would like you to know some of the things that in my experience could help or let you see the pros /cons in the way that the most of the events during the wedding day could happen or the way to make them happen better. Please notice that this is just my personal view that doesn’t needs to be yours or fit with your expectations, but I think there is not bad idea to at least have them in mind 😉 , here we go:

Ask your guests to enjoy the ceremony by don't take their camera cellphones out

I know, everybody wants to have a memory of the moment inmediatly, but a lot of guests just forget to enjoy the ceremony, the beauty of the moment and how great is when finally you say I do. In a worst case, they forgot that there are professionals doing that job for all of you, and sometimes can interfere in photographers/videographers duties,

About having more than 5 bridesmaids /groomsmen

It is a great joy and an awesome fact that you can count with a lot of your very close friends that join you right beside you during the ceremony. But also as a friend you can be agree with me that you can not include ALL of them, sometimes it’s hard when you have to choose who will be your maid of honor or the best man without hurting feelings, but if your friends really loves you they will be happy to join you as a normal guests celebrating one of the most important days of your lives.

In the technical part that concerns the recording of them during a ceremony, the fact is that sometimes more than 5 girls and boys each side, make complicate to have each reaction or the best footage of all of them due basically we focus in the couple and some reactions of the people during that moments, but we can’t have them all 🙁

What I think about having the bride & groom "first look"

Well, I need to say that I’m not a fan of first looks because for me is good to capture that moment with the expectation of everybody, the groom and your family while they are waiting for you at the aisle. Yes, the first look give the chance to capture some intimate moments of the bride /groom together (specially for portraits) but I think the firts look in the “traditional” way allows us to record this in a bigger emotional way.

By other hand I am a BIG fan of a first look with your dad, or both parents before to head to the ceremony 🙂

About having speeches /toasts during dinner

Wonderful to have people talking about what they think about the newlyweds, but I always recommend you to make it short and sweet, maybe 2 or 3 of the most important people that want to talk or that you ask to say something I think it’s great. Remember that the day will go veeeery fast, and maybe you want to have other events or start the party to be with ALL your guests.

Also I can recommend to do it before or after dinner, but not when the people is actually eating, I think it’s great that you can see people paying attention and their reactions while somebody is talking in front, instead while they are focusing chewing those delicious meals..

Last update: 14 Sept, 2022