I have no definite personality, fanciful notion of things and realistic at the same time, detecting details that I only hear and see, I found my inspiration through music. I grew up “translating” feelings through sounds, in a time of adolescence where rock videoclips and other genres gave life to them I learned to see the sound. Along with a taste for science fiction films, horror and fantasy films they led me to understand that any story can be almost as real as a documentary, where all have in common the same mix of personalities and sensitiveness that I was experimenting.


Years later, having a degree in Management of Tourism Companies in my hometown México City, focusing on service quality and understanding of the needs and tastes of a huge diversity of people of different ages and cultures, I decided to travel around the country and beyond our borders in order to enrich my own identity and my pleasure to serve.

Loving nature, animals, sea, stars and countless mysterious and unknown things that each has, which led me to choose to live in the beautiful Riviera Maya until nowadays.

Beyond the walls of an office, making videos was the only way I managed to combine all these passions, where the beat of the music is who leads me to express the rhythm of different events and excitements deep inside to keep in our memories.

Self-taught since I was a child, observer and seeker of answers, always surrounded by those who I think I can learn the best for feedback and sharing, it’s like my technical skills in photography, visual arts, even administrative and service skills are still in constant development.
Now with 6 years as a professional videographer, and an extensive experience developed to not only identify but to capture feelings, it is that I managed to consolidate this project which I hope to achieve captivate you as much as me, because the world is surrounded by lots of sounds and things constantly moving, that if we pay attention give meaning to our sensations, emotions in motion.

Carlos Martínez