Love Stories

Greta & Ben.     

 She has beautiful eyes and soul, Ben is so charming and with style.
A destination wedding that nobody wanted to miss! friends and  family present to celebrate more than 10 years of story and a new chapter full of love.

Tara & Ben

The best dancing partners I’ve ever seen, but they share more that one passion, a unique kind of love.
Tara and Ben get married at the beautiful Secrets Silversands Resort Riviera Maya,
and we were lucky to be part of their big day.

Mandy & Ian

Extremely fun and emotional, two simple words to describe the wedding day of Mandy and Ian in the amazing paradise of Tulum, the story of two inseparable best friends who crossed their lives to share a magical love.

Tatum & Cody

Tatum and Cody at their beautiful wedding in Playa del Carmen. The energy on this two it’s so powerful that makes you feel that you know them since forever.

Tamara & Elaine.      

Love brings up emotions than run the gamut from agony to ecstasy, and can inspire us to accomplish some of the craziest and most amazing feats. That’s exactly what Elaine and Tamara show us in their wedding video.

Jessica & Harry

Unforgettable evening in Playa del Carmen at the wedding of Jess & Harry. A love story that inspires you at the first sight.


Lunarts Films captures on video  your destination wedding day with the belief that each couple has a unique story to tell, where the protagonists , family and friends share in a thousand ways the greatness of love , can not wait to be there and capture what photography can not, EMOTIONS IN MOTION.

Let’s make your wedding memories live forever !

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